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Currently, one-third of Americans have not started saving for retirement and 44% of the Baby Boomers (those over 55 years-old) have saved less than $10,000.  Many will go broke in retirement!

The Charting Your Retirement Calculator can determine where you are on this roadmap.

retirement roadmapWe offer something other retirement sites can’t offer; free and comprehensive analysis to help you determine when (or if) you can comfortably retire. We believe our retirement calculator surpasses all other calculators for accuracy, breadth of information, and decision making. No other calculator can match our capabilities, and we’ve sampled many of them. Our calculator incorporates concepts that others have not matched anywhere else. If there is something that can affect your future retirement, we’ve thought about it. As a consequence, we offer a tool that can best determine your retirement probability. You will find many retirement sites with minimalist calculators on the internet, and many good ones. We encourage you to compare and stay informed from a variety of sources, but here we present you with the cold hard facts that can help to answer questions such as:

    • When can I retire?
    • Will I outlive my money?
    • How much money will I need?
    • When should I start collecting social security?
    • Do I have to increase my savings?
    • Do I have to continue working?
    • What happens if there is a market downturn?
    • What happens if my spouse or I enter a nursing home?
    • Do I have to moderate my current and future lifestyle?
    • Can I enhance my retirement lifestyle and spend more money?
    • What is my probability of success?

Whether your retirement is 3 years away or 30, planning and forecasting will help you achieve your retirement goals.  Running the calculator and viewing results marks the beginning of the process.  In addition to the retirement calculator, there are other resources and tips on the site.  Check out our blog or participate in the forums to learn from others and share your experiences.  Books and other educational materials are available via the menus or on the sidebars.

The calculator is free to use with no strings attached.  You have to sign up on our site and log in to use the calculator.  We do this so that when you visit again, we can re-retrieve your data so you don’t have to enter it again.  We protect your privacy and data by securing it on trusted servers.  We do not sell or share data with third parties.  In any case, you don’t enter any personal identifying information like your name or address, account numbers, credit card numbers, social security numbers or other sensitive information.

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