Retirement Tips

Retirement planning tips

It’s never too early or too late to get yourself on a better course, and this page offers some retirement tips that everyone should think about.  Whether you are a young person just starting out or 5 years away from retirement, these retirement tips can help you achieve your retirement goals. 

Your Job

Your Investments

  • Are you saving money for retirement?
  • Is your investment mix too conservative or too aggressive?
  • Are your investment expenses too high? These might be advisor fees, mutual fund and ETF expenses.

Your Living Expenses

  • Are you living beyond your lifestyle?
  • Do you have too much credit card debt at high interest rates?
  • Can you cut back on dining out, cable TV plans, fancy cars, vacations?

College Planning

  • Have you started saving early?
  • Have you pursued all types of scholarships and financial aid?
  • Avoid co-signing loans.
  • Would starting two years at a Community College be a good alternative?

Your Home

  • Is it time to downsize? Cash could be used to invest or pay down high interest debt?
  • Are you using the equity in your house to reduce credit card burdens?

Your Future Income


  • Are you minimizing your tax burden?
  • Should you move to a tax-friendly state?
  • Do you have tax efficient investments?
  • Do you have any capital losses that you can claim up to $3,000?