Health Insurance

Health InsuranceHealth Insurance can be very difficult to navigate as many options are available when you are under 65; and then later, you will have to navigate the many Medicare options after turning 65. In addition, you should consider a medicare supplement plan (Medigap).  If you retire before 65, there is a coverage gap until you are eligible for Medicare at 65.  Health insurance regulations constantly change, and your benefits seem to change every year as do the premiums and deductibles. 

Be aware that nursing home costs are only covered if you have long-term care insurance, but this type of insurance is very expensive and may not cover all of your needs.  Medicare coverage for nursing home care is limited.  This is a complex subject often requiring the services of an elder care attorney.  

Be prepared and do your own research for you and your family’s needs.  Start with reputable sources of information on the internet, and get professional assistance if you think you need it.