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    Kin Gang

    The people that are found suspicious of cheating will be tucked to a database with all the other people who are found questionable. As soon as they’re in the database then Jagex will look at just how much they have done and their game activity, or something along those lines. This notion is not for an instant ban, not before the app can be thought out well enough for the auto-banner, something which will be able to decide if you are a macro or not. I mean even if you do get banned you can always go back and try to appeal it.

    I’m thinking that it would work in the event that you just monitored the well know areas were macroers work, like in draynor. That is the place I usually go and receive willows. I usually find anywhere from 10- 25 macroers ever couple of hours , only within my world. All that I’m asking is a program that will track the said areas. Additionally, it will have a perfect view into the trees and also will have the ability to list all that hit the trees and then you will be able to find a list of the players, levels in WC and comb. The levels in comb right there should help to weed out most macroers.

    Yea this thought isnt for an immediate ban, no. The people that are located suspicous will only be put onto a watch the jagex staff can track more closely. I understand that they have a variant of this going, just not using the whole tree viewing idea. There are numerous people who do timber cutting for hours and aren’t macroers, this notion will only put them to a watch that will see if they’re macroers or just ordinary players.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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