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The New Charting Your Retirement Website

Charting Your Retirement brings a new dimension to retirement planning and the Charting Your Retirement website adds many features that you will not find on retirement blogs and commercial financial websites. The main feature of this website is the Retirement Calculator. You will find many retirement calculators on the internet from very well-respected banks, financial, and investment companies. You will also read about general guidelines regarding how much you can withdraw each year in retirement so that you won’t outlast your savings. Many of these calculators present a good starting point, but almost all of them lack your true lifetime planning needs. Deciding to retire may be the biggest financial decision of your life.  You run the risk of either outliving your savings, or working too long and not being able to enjoy your retirement.  A retirement calculator should capture your income, expenses, and most importantly, your dreams.  A retirement calculator should also provide you with detailed cash flow and assets before and after retirement.  It should also provide you with the probability of achieving your goal so that you can make well-informed decisions.  The Retirement Calculator Introduction describes all the advanced features of the Charting Your Retirement Calculator. The most important feature is that it is free to use and you can compare the level of detail and results with other calculators.

In addition to the advanced capabilities of the calculator, the Charting Your Retirement website provides up-to-date information that’s relevant for both future retirees and current retirees. Some subjects and resources on the website that might weigh heavily on your retirement decisions include:

  • Nursing Home Expenses
  • Expected Returns from Stocks and Bonds
  • Social Security
  • Taxes
  • College Expenses
  • Health Insurance, and
  • Living Expenses (before and after retirement).

User experiences and feedback bring life to a website.  The Charting Your Retirement Forum is a meeting place for discussing your experiences, recommendations, pitfalls, lessons-learned, and any other retirement-related subjects with other users.  Whether you just beginning your professional career, in mid-life, or nearing retirement, the Charting Your Retirement website and Retirement Calculator assist you in your financial planning.

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