Who we are

Charting Your Retirement was created by two software engineers who have worked in high-tech industries for over thirty years each. Industries have ranged from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. We were fortunate to achieve success through our careers that enabled us to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle while saving for retirement. It did come with a cost, the high-tech workplace meant 50, 60+ hour workweeks, sacrificing weekends, canceling vacations, and always bringing work home. Looking back at our father’s generation, did this mean we work till we are 65 and retire? But wait, they had Defined Benefit Plans from their employers, we have 401Ks and IRAs and must self-fund our retirement. Both our fathers passed away too early and could not enjoy the fruits of their labor. We did not want to follow the same fate.  We needed to build a robust and reliable retirement calculator.

Our Calculator

We are both in our fifties, the nests are empty, and we have passions we want to pursue. When can we retire and enjoy our desired lifestyle? How much money do we need to say goodbye to the corporate life? We turned to the many retirement calculators you will find on web. Most financial institutions and retirement organizations have them and they all seemed to provide a good starting point, but none had the level of detail that gave us the confidence that we would not outlive our money. Using our software engineering skillset and experience in finance and investment, we set out to build a robust calculator that could best predict your probability of retiring AND enjoying your planned retirement lifestyle.

We have different ideas about retirement; one of us wants a country club life with golf in the morning, then poolside drinks, and casual walks and bike rides, while the other wants to travel the world with a second house overlooking the water. We created this calculator for a broad range of people, for people that might be 30 or more years away from retirement, and for people that are already retired. The key element of the Charting Your Retirement Calculator is not accumulating a certain amount of wealth at a specific age, but rather determining future cash flows (income and expenses) between now and the end of your retirement plan. You may be pleasantly surprised or you may see the cold hard facts.


We are not personal finance experts and we do not provide tax, investment, or financial services. The Retirement Calculator is but one of many tools available. It is provided solely for informational and academic purposes on an “as is” basis at user’s sole risk. User is solely responsible for verifying the information as being appropriate for user’s personal use, including without limitation, seeking the advice of a qualified professional regarding any specific financial questions a user may have. Refer to our Terms & Conditions for additional information.